A high performing K-12 American Curriculum school, situated in the city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

University and Career Guidance

Guidance counselling at Al Dhafra Private Schools Abu Dhabi is a proactive process that provides our students advice and helpful resources to develop their personal and academic skills. The role of effective career guidance is vital as students need clear direction to be able to integrate their education, skills, and talents with their hopes and dreams to achieve success. At Al Dhafra, we aim to ensure that each of our students realizes his/her full potential as a unique individual, and to facilitate the growth and well-being of each aspiring mind to achieve academic, personal, and life success.

To ensure that you make a smooth transition out of high school, please access here the Graduation and Equivalency Requirements Presentation.

For more information on the Rize University Preparation and Career Guidance Program and registering in this unique program, please access the links below:

(Rize UPCG)
(Rize Honors)