A high performing K-12 American Curriculum school, situated in the city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Middle School

In our Middle School, boys and girls (gd 6-8), receive instruction in separate classes. Our core subjects include Arabic, English, Humanities, Math and Science. We follow the Ministry requirements for all Arabic medium subjects and the Common Core States Standards (CCSS) from the United States. We tailor our Arabic medium courses for native speakers and non-native speakers, and offer Islamic Studies to all Muslim students.

Students read a variety of literature for Arabic, English and Humanities, with the focus on learners developing skills to read and analyze a wide variety of complex texts. Similarly, our students will learn how to express their thoughts using different forms of writing.

Literacy and numeracy will be emphasized across all subjects. Listening and speaking skills will be developed through discussions and presentations. In particular, Mathematics and Science will involve inquiry-based learning, as we endeavour to mature our students’ reasoning, logic and critical thinking skills.

Our teachers integrate technology into their daily lessons and activities. We have smart interactive panels in every classroom and a 1:1 iPad programme.

In addition to the core curriculum, our Middle School also offers courses in Physical Education, Art, Music, Information Technology and Moral Education. At Al Dhafra Private School we believe in the importance of developing the whole individual, by helping our students explore their interests in many different disciplines. Students often participate in performances and presentations related to their interests, which range from art exhibits, theatrical performances, or musical presentations.