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Elementary Assessment Policy

9 November 2016

I am writing to update you about our new and improved methods of assessment here at Al Dhafra. In addition to the summary below, kindly find attached our updated Assessment Policy for Elementary.

Assessment in elementary / primary education is ongoing at Al Dhafra, as well as across Abu Dhabi schools. Children are being assessed throughout each lesson as well as by means of summative tasks in the middle and at the end of units. Continuous, ongoing assessment provides valuable information on children's development and learning and helps inform curriculum planning, teaching, and individualizing for each child.

As teachers assess students’ work and performances, targets are set to help children improve their skills and understanding as well as their knowledge of the subject. A great emphasis is being placed on sharing these next steps so that students know how to move forward and make good progress. Teachers are implementing assessment for learning and providing meaningful feedback in line with the current, proven research on learning skills.

Formal mark entry on Digital Campus will take place twice a term: once at mid-term and a final grade will be entered at the end of each term. There will be a mark for Effort and also a mark in each subject for attainment.

Marks for mid-term will be available from mid-November. The levels A* to E are awarded to children based on their level of achievement against the Common Core Standards in English and Math and against the Virginia Standards of Learning in all other subject areas. Level descriptors will be available on the report card.

The assessment tasks vary. These are not simply ‘Questions and Answers’ tasks but often involve the students applying and explaining clearly their understanding and skills related to the subjects they have studied. Tasks include posters, role-plays, presentations, written tasks, comprehensions, ungraded quizzes, oral questioning, teacher observations, draft work, think-aloud, student-constructed concept maps, learning logs, portfolios, etc.

I hope you find all the information on our assessment and current policy informative and helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will ensure you are kept informed of all updates.

Kind regards,
Head of Elementary


Elementary Assessment Policy Arabic

Elementary Assessment Policy English


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