Vision: Al Dhafra Private Schools will enshrine educational excellence,...

where culture and tradition are honoured...

and everyone is safe...

Students attending Al Dhafra Private Schools will become internationally minded,...

global citizens,...

possessing the skills and character to thrive in a challenging and changing world...

Mission: To provide a trusting and supportive school community,...

in which students are placed at the centre of learning,...

developing personal responsibility and self-discipline,...

as they become independent and creative learners and thinkers...

Teaching will be inspiring...

and all students empowered...

to succeed within an innovative culture of high expectations,...

high standards, and outstanding quality.

School's Curriculum

The curriculum is modeled on an integrated system (British/American) which is broad, balanced and rigorous. It includes:

English / Literacy English / Literacy English (Language, Literature, SAT, TOEFL) IGCSE
Mathematics / Numeracy Mathematics / Numeracy Mathematics (Algebra I/II, Geometry, Calculus, SAT) AS Level
Science Science Science (General, Biology, Chemistry, Physics) A Level
Arabic Arabic Arabic
Islamic Studies Islamic Studies Islamic Studies
Art Social Studies (Arabic/English) Social Studies (Arabic/English, History, Business Studies, Economics)
Music Computer Computer
French Art PE
PE Music

English is the medium of instruction for all courses except for Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Arabic Social Studies which are taught in Arabic as stipulated by the U.A.E. Ministry of Education.

The curriculum at kindergarten, primary, intermediate and secondary levels prepares the foundation for the students to sit for the IGCSE examinations administered by the University of Cambridge (UK) taken at the end of grade 10/11. Students in grade 12 are able to continue for their AS and A-Levels as well as for their High School Certificate where they can sit for SAT 1 in grade 11, TOEFL and SAT 2 in grade 12.

Islamic studies are obligatory for all Muslim Arab and Non-Arab students.

Arabic is obligatory for all students.


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