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global citizens,...

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developing personal responsibility and self-discipline,...

as they become independent and creative learners and thinkers...

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high standards, and outstanding quality.

Assessment Policy

Essential Agreement on Assessing

Continuous Assessment (CAS):

Key features of ongoing, continuous assessment – there are two principle components of the ongoing assessment process:

  1. Establishing criteria
  2. Providing feedback

1. Criteria for each performance of understanding need to be:

  • Clear – articulated explicitly at the beginning of each performance of understanding – though may well evolve the course of the performance, especially if it is new to the teacher as well as the students.
  • Relevant – closely related to the understanding goals for the standard(s) or unit.
  • Public – everyone in the classroom knows and understands them.

2. Feedback needs to:

  • Occur frequently – from the beginning of the unit to its conclusion, in conjunction with performances of understanding. On some occasions feedback may be formal and planned (such as those related to presentations); some maybe more casual and informal (such as responding to a student’s comment in a class discussion).
  • Be informative – provide students with not only information about how well they have carried out performances, but also how they might improve them.
  • Guide the teaching and learning process – inform your planning of subsequent classes and activities.
  • Come form a variety of perspectives – from the teacher(s), students’ reflection on their own work and from classmates reflecting on one another’s work.

Marks Breakdown

KG1 and KG2
Continuous Class Assessment (100%)
  • Classwork assignments, activities, projects, end of unit assessments, quizzes, etc. (100%)
Final Mark (100%)
Term 1 (100%) Term 1 (100%)
Term 2 (100%) Term 2 (100%)
Term 3 (100%) Term 3 (100%)

Grades 1 – 5
Continuous Class Assessment (100%)
  • Classwork assignments, activities, projects, quizzes, end of unit tests, portfolios, etc. (80%)
  • Homework (20%)
Final Mark (100%)
Term 1 (100%) Term 1 (100%)
Term 2 (100%) Term 2 (100%)
Term 3 (100%) Term 3 (100%)

Grades 6 – 12
Continuous Class Assessment (FORMATIVE) (50%)
  • *Classwork assignments, activities, projects, etc. (20%)
  • **Quizzes (20%)
  • ***Homework (10%)
Term Assessments (Summative)(50%)
  • Mid-Term Assessment (20%)
  • End of Term Assessment (30%)
Final Mark (100%)
Term 1 (50%) Term 1 (50%) Term 1 (100%)
Term 2 (50%) Term 2 (100%)
Term 3 (50%) Term 3 (100%)

A copy of the document can be downloaded from here.


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